Family is the foundation of created order and is as essential as air and water for life on planet earth.

About Creating Family
Because the natural nuclear family is the foundation of created order, it has been a target for deconstruction by all man-made systems, especially since the industrial revolution in western culture. Creating Family repositions the family at the apex of all earthly systems. It is a primer on how to do family and in the process informs all other systems how they were created to function.

Resources for you, your spouse, and your family.

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Ric Bowser
Ric has a Masters Degree in Pastoral Psychology and Counseling and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice for over 30 years. Working for 5 years as a child welfare investigator in the social welfare system, he was also an adjunct faculty member for 10 years with Ashland University teaching both on campus and in the adult prison system.

At the heart of Ric's life is his own family. He and his wife, Val, have been married since the spring of 1970. God has richly blessed them wtih three married children who have each embraced a belief in family and given life to 11 grandchildren to date.

  • I thank God everyday for bringing Ric into my life! I cannot put into words the good he has been for me.

    - J

  • Fr. Ric Bowser is a faithful, Spirit-filled man who loves the Lord and his people, especially in and through his healing ministry.

    - Fr. Kevin Maney

  • Ric and Val are kind, caring, gracious, and genuine. They are willing to invest their time and talents to see positive outcomes for organizations, friends, and others who cross their path. With all of the above, they assisted me in changing the direction of my life.

    - J

  • Ric has helped me see beyond my current circumstances and given me a perspective that has freed me from the anxiety I once had.

    - E

  • Ric brought new revelation to me that gave me the freedom to live my life uninhibited by other people’s agendas for my life. Because of Ric’s wisdom, I am finally living the life I have always dreamed of.

    - C